Monday, May 9, 2011


The imminent lokpal bill is a real blessing in the attempt to fetter corruption in high offices especially where incompetent individuals has sneaked in by hook or crook.

When we go by the corruption in the Judiciary it is obvious that even in 2007 about 77% of the people do not trust Judiciary. This will have risen at least by say 10% ,surely when we read in papers the mess in which our last Chief Justice of India ....Mr K .G .Balakrishnan has fallen into. Of course if Mr K.G.Balakrishnan escapes unscathed also the stigma of suppressing the name of The telecommunications Minister Raja in the complaint of the High court of Mumbai Judge will assume much significance and many an inference can be made.

In this context it is better that the Judiciary is also included in the Lok pal ambit. On going through the draft One is rather exalted to know that if properly implemented by honest and capable men this will go a long way in arresting corruption.

The judicial accountability bill can come later and if there are two forums people can chose the forum they desire and seems fit.

When Transparency Internationals 2007 report says that 77% of the p[people in India ado not trust Judiciary ,what trust is the Judiciary speaking of. Trust has to be restored .....and regained ......this can be done only by taking strong action against erring judges . A signal that this sort of hankey pankey, corrupt and dishonest methods and ways will not be tolerated in Judiciary is the need of the hour. Then if the people has no easy access to the appellate and highest Courts of Justice ..Naturally the tall claim of " Equality before law and equal protection of law " will become a mirage. The Government should provide concessional rates of travel, lodging and other facilities to persons who has cases in New Delhi. This will make much easier for citizens to conduct cases in the highest Courts for redressal and vindication of their rights.Only these measures will make reality equality of all before law and equal protection of law.

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