Sunday, August 22, 2010

Leadership Qualities

I am writing this post to emphasise the inportance of leadership in an organisation.I believe that the leadership is the success factor in a firm or organisation no matter how big or small is the firm.A great idea and quality manpower with a guiding force will lead to desired output and refined employee productivity.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Introducing New FRAUDSTER Mr RAJA T Hash One Coimbatore , Rohit Sanyal(EC Outsourcing-DELHI) n Bharat Reddy(Augustus Solutions-HYD)

* Posted by Niranjan.Joshi.M on August 7, 2010 at 4:03am in Beware from these

Hello here I am to tell my Story and make you aware of some people my journey in this industry begun in Jan 2010 before that i was working in media pulse tech as a 3d animator i was earning good just to improve more in
financial way thought of putting a small BPO and with that i can continue but
the journey been very tough for me - in Jan i took project from Bharath Reddy
Saragavi Augustus Solutions with ph no`s-09676767456/08008499988/9502147262, Shown his office in 301, Aditya Trade Center Ameerpet Hyderabad. The total upfront amount he said is 1,50,000 INR we paid the sum of INR 75,000 rest will be deducted from billing he told us i said ok then i came back bangalore after 7 days i received hard copies to convert soft i worked for one month and waited for payment Mr Prasad(0809943681) told just a small issue no worry u carry on tell agents u will get salary of 2 months i said OK and continued my work after second month i waited for 7 days for payment i didn't get then suddenly they stopped work then i went to hyd and stayed for 15 days they told plz dont come to office as you also have office
you know so be here in hyd as i get the payment will give u a call and asked me
to wait in hyd after the duration i went i was surprised to c the office is
closed i was helpless this was the time i came to know about frauds in this industry tears came out of my eyes my family was also not der and the place is completely unknown for me i started
searching and inquired to c that did they shifted to other office in that aditya
park -and guardmen told he is getting regular visitor to meet him but he don’t
know where is he as he is guard men i asked the aditya park owner might hav his
adress can u get me his no he said he cant disclose as its a matter of his job
-Hopes just fell of lap as my agents waiting for der salary of two months - i
just transfered the salary to my brother asked him to give der salary and say
project is closed - I didn't knew what to do now as it was over for me I came
back Bangalore to c any Job If i get as i was having good experience as a 3d
Animator i was searching for job for around 1 month in the May month i was
browsing net i came across ROHIT SANYAL 09717755607 with mail id - he told me he is charging 20300/- and no other charges i asked him what’s the assurance he said u deposit and you will get a agreement in same day i felt light hearted so i can start my company again and deposited him 20.3k same day i got invoice and
agreement copy i was very much happy too take a project i told when can i get
ftp so i can start my work he told you have to go to chennai office and get the
training as its a serious process dont start it immediately i said fine then i left to chennai to get the training and data after going their when i went their it was like enquiry counter nothing else i got shocked to c and called up MR Rohit Sanyal he said ohhh shit i gave you wrong address sorry for inconvenience plz go to coimbatore you will get the things done their and told he was in UK for 2 days so told her secretary to mail me address and she sent the wrong one i said ok as well
i am getting project no problem then i left for coimbatore it was ok kind of
Office OF Mr RAJA T ALIAS SOLOMON /with ids Raja
,Raja ,, 09677888699) he told he dont know who the F is Rohit Sanyal if u want project give me 44k you will get the training u can start immediately from coming monday and you will also get bank guarantee of payment this was mother of all shocks i got - i just went back to lodge and called up my GF she said get the project at this point of time that is important then i arranged the amount as that point of time i was not having much amount left i arranged the amount and paid him and got the agreement done i was not happy to do it but to c my empty center daily was killing me inside and my confidence - so made the agreement and came back and waited waited to get the work for 2 months i was not getting i lost hopes i sent him a msg pls refiund as it was over for me and i decided that point of
time that i am not going to continue my business july end he suddenly called
and told hey i arranged a other project for u as html was fake so i didn't gave
u its a genuine process start it he told me i was happy and started the work and after sending i got the reply :


The Report of the submitted work is 0% . there fore it results in the total rejection of work and termination of the contract. = 0% Accuracy ??? i called him up and asked what is this he told me u were eager to work u didnt took training correctly i have the recordings .---- I JUST HUNG UP
!!! I am not telling u any thing fake i am disclosing the attachments have a