Thursday, October 28, 2010

Think Twice then chat with the people in BPO

Posted by Kamini Rajput on September 28, 2010

10:09 AM arya.vyom121: hello kamini
me: hello
10:10 AM arya.vyom121: how u doing?
me: i m doing grt8
how abt you
arya.vyom121: u running wat project and where pls?
here wonderful kamini
me: kolkata
10:11 AM and we are running a project telecom communication sector
arya.vyom121: ok
it is form filling?
me: yup
10:13 AM arya.vyom121: OK
ur client from?
me: US
arya.vyom121: ok
10:14 AM ur payment cycle
and on wat rate u doing this project
me: first monthly then it comes to biweekly
arya.vyom121: ok
me: $0.28
arya.vyom121: rate ? kamini
per form?
me: per form
arya.vyom121: k
10:15 AM is this ur pic?
me: u are based at dehradun
if i m not wrong?
arya.vyom121: yes madam
yup kamini
i m from dehradun
me: outsourcing chat process
arya.vyom121: a wonderful and pleasure city
me: ok
yes this is my pic
10:16 AM arya.vyom121: ok looking nice
me: and what relates that pic with business??
arya.vyom121: it is any compitition picture
just asking if u don't mind
so never comment abt dat
10:17 AM me: no issues
yes pls go head
arya.vyom121: yes
u have how many seats?
10:18 AM me: currently 100 seats
arya.vyom121: ???
u sitting at kolkata..
so u know mr kajal goswami
me: inuurt bat her
10:19 AM i hurt abt her
but never meet with her
arya.vyom121: sorry
kajal goswami is a main naa
not woman
10:20 AM me: i don't have much idea abt her
arya.vyom121: u hurted by him
he is a man not woman kamini
10:21 AM me: i heard abt him frm my colleague
but don't have so much info abt her
anything would u like to ask
arya.vyom121: how is he?
me: rahul Singh
arya.vyom121: how is the person ?
who is rahul singh
10:22 AM me: he is my colleague
he is working for me as freelancer in kolkata
arya.vyom121: ok
where is sitting rahul
doing wat?
me: see if you are interested for our project then we will talk otherwise pls don
pls don't waste your precious time
10:23 AM arya.vyom121: hey kamini
r u bother
10:24 AM c........ ur project totally BAKWAS u don't know i have been woking in this industry since 9 years long tym
10:25 AM i have 11 centers in andhra and tamilnadu
so why will i be intrested in ur project
i outsourced so many project
dont say like thing..that waste tym
chalo bye
yaar it is BPO if we couldn't find
10:26 AM me: thanks for sharing your experience with me
arya.vyom121: don't say thanks
10:27 AM i know u doing fraud there
and for ur kind information u don't have 100 seats
u kind of person sitting on ur room with one lappy
10:28 AM and doing business... hahahahahahahahah
dont make fool person
me: just shut up and don't have so much time
even i know what u r doing in dehradin
arya.vyom121: hey i will fuck u on ur bed
me: and what kind of person u r
don't knowhow to speak english
arya.vyom121: i m fucking u at dehradun
10:29 AM and shut up ur mouth and ur vagina also
u are a harlot
me: just say these words to your family
arya.vyom121: doing this at kolkata
i dont have family
me: let me just go head and post these chat in all discussion form
arya.vyom121: if u intrested so let me know
i will go for u
only for two days
yes sure
10:30 AM do it now
me: say what so ever u like to say
arya.vyom121: pls i will appriciate
hey harlot
fuck fuck fuck
me: say these words to your mom and sister
and surely i
arya.vyom121: i see daily such kind of u girl
on bed
10:31 AM yeah i will fuck u no probe
me: and surely i'll post such kind of discussion on dicsussion form
arya.vyom121: i got ur all the information from goswami
because he fucked u so many times
right naa
me: ok ask him to meet me in kolkata for meeting
10:32 AM arya.vyom121: he is doing business with me since 3 years ago
okay darling
me: just shut up because always comes shit from that
arya.vyom121: hmmmmmmm
me: i know abt you chat process??
10:33 AM $5 payout
arya.vyom121: pls show me ur vagina i will give u 500 rupee
but never put my penish in ur vagina okay
kamini haaaaaaaaa
I am surprised after reading the conversation.The dignity of the woman was supposed to be respected during the chat conversation by the person.