Friday, April 2, 2010

Solo Mobility

Mobile paid bi weekly with four week arrears contingent to receiving payment from Carrier. Bell Mobility/Solo
Vendor will be responsible for the 50% cost of deactivated phone if not return by customer or return in bad condition. Bell Mobility has the right to immediately terminate this agreement if vendor’s charge back rate exceeds 10% for two concurrent months. If this agreement is terminated, Bell Mobility will have the right to withhold all Referral Fees for length of the chargeback period.
1. FREE shipping
2. Free phone(s) are subject to Bell Solo. Selection and other phones may not be offered
3. Every activation must have a recording of the customer accepting Terms & Conditions.
4.Vendor will not receive commission for any activation that does not meet these conditions
Referral Fee 40.00C$ per approved and activated sales