Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Importance of MIS in the Corporate environment

I writing this post after analyzing a delicate situation in the employer - employee relationship in which an employee's request for a payslip was delayed for ten working days.I suggest that MIS should be a part of the corporate affairs for a SME to MNC.I realised the importance of the situation and time that was spent to collect payslips which can also be requested through online and can be emailed to the recipients of email address within hours.The side effects of such kind of activities are "losing trust on the company policy,rise in production shrinkage due to unnecessary gossip,disturbing the departmental colleagues,improper use of office resources such as making calls to the concerned person regarding the tasks".
The task might seem to be small but the result will be destructive which needs to addressed immediately.I suggest management irrespective of size of their firm toimplement MIS in their day to day operations to keep such embarrassing situations which will lead for defamation of brand in the industry.