Monday, January 18, 2010

Dissatisfied by Tikona Wi-Bro Wirelss Service

I applied for a Tikona Wi-Bro Wireless connection in the month of November'2009.In the first week of December'2009 I was promised a connection within ten working days.Since then I have'nt heard from the Tikona representative till date regarding the connection.I lodged a complaint (ref. no.1-214469142) with the Tikona customer care twice and was assured that an enquiry would be made and necessary action would be taken.I did not hear from the customer service till date after repeated attempts to the customer care.In the month of January,2010.I lodged a third complaint with the customer care regarding the Tikona Internet connection.A female officer was kind enough to lodge a complaint with the existing complaint reference number for third time and assured me the connection in seven working days.I was irritated with the time and inappropriate delay to resolve the complaint which was lodged thrice.Finally I decided to remove Tikona from my to-do-list forever and did call to the customer care for the last time and informed to a male officer to block my application and complaint from their complaint register forever and refund the installation fee of Rs.500 which was paid to a Tikona representative in the month of December.The officer lodged a detailed complaint (ref. no. 1-246233765)for the fourth time and assured me cal back within 48 hours from higher authorities.

I lost hope and faith in Tikona.I felt this kind of arrogant approach towards customers as a public exploitation.Its been two months now I applied for an internet connection.I applied for an Airtel broadband connection on 17.01.2010 and was assured a connection with in 48 hours.I feel relaxed now.

I suggest the authorities of Tikona Wi-Bro to appoint faithful and dedicated ground and marketing personnel to save the Tikona brand.