Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Multiple Lead Generation Campaign

Calling hours are from 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM EST only Monday to Friday.(Leads submitted after these your will be discounted)

Statistics about the Campaign

Cash advance is paid out on a gross basis.However, you are only paid on leads that the client submits.
After a cash advance lead is submitted, the rep has to explain to the client to go to his or her email and click a link, which will pull up the application, the client just has to click submit it at that point. Right now we have 65%-70% of the applications being submitted from the client.
Auto application: Almost all that go for cash advance will go for an auto. You don't have to take cash only, if the client wants just the auto, you can take it that way and up sale the other leads. 15%-20% of the auto leads get accepted right now, due to the lending institutions. This lead does not have to be submitted from the client, the rep does this.
Debt elimination:About 35% of the people have interest in the debt elimination as well. About 70% of the applications are accepted.
Credit repair:70% of the clients will want to go for credit repair. 75% are accepted.
A rep is getting about .7 SPH right now on the begining cash advance lead, which then produces an auto and based on the percentages the debt and credit repair leads.
Based on the above statistics, you will make $8.6 per hour.The cash advance is such a strong introduction, and so many want it, that I believe the overall sph can be pushed to a 1 sph.

All payments are made exactly 10 days from the end of the work week. The pay week ends on Friday.
IE.Work week 4/13/09-4/17/09 would be paid on 4/27/09.

For further details about this campaign,call me at +91-8008412057 or write an email to